Turn any whey protein powder into ice cream like frozen dessert with FREEZINda 2495

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FREEZINda™ is actually a treat mixture that will flip any pure whey protein powder into scrumptious soft serve ice cream like frosty dessert. Talk about the love with others and initiate getting a commission payment these days!

Should you be a preexisting affiliate, please sign in on the appropriate. If you wish to sign up for our affiliate program, remember to enroll now. We pay out on the previous day of every four weeks by way of Paypal, so sign-up together with your Paypal email address!

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Commence gaining a 33.7% percentage for every selling. That's above $5 for each and every referred sale (5 load of FREEZINda™ MSRP $14.95)! To get started on, click on "Home Page" on the left behind aspect, replicate your recommendation hyperlink, and get started expressing it. For the left menu solar panel, additionally you can take a look at "Marketing Materials" for social network, electronic mail, and banner information for straightforward discussing that will instantly include your affiliate hyperlink.

We pay out commissions via Paypal on the final day of any thirty days. Please note that most known profits will undergo a 30 day processing period of time, to ensure that instructions happen to be satisfied but not returned.

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FREEZINda™ even offers a tier 2 reference process. Should you recommend others to signup as being a FREEZINda™ affiliate, you'll make 5Percent commission on each of the income they generate also. We establish this up simply because you may well have a friend would you be better at recommending and we wanted to prize you for expressing our plan together. Select "Request Some others" about the left behind area to begin with recommending your mates to get an affiliate far too!

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Thanks for visiting your referrer system dash panel. Right here you'll get everything you should need allowing you to begin recommending FREEZINda™ to other individuals and begin making commission. We've created a exclusive referrer weblink exclusively for you. Make certain once you advise us to others, you provide them your affiliate website link, it'll let us know that you simply advised these phones us and then we will pay you!

Exactly how much can you gain? You might gain 33.7Percent on each referred purchase. That's more than $5 for each and every 5 load of FREEZINda™ offered (MSRP $14.95)! We pay out commission fees via Paypal around the last working day for each four weeks. FREEZINda™ now offers a tier 2 referral system. In the event you send other folks to signup being a FREEZINda™ internet affiliate, you'll receive 5% commission payment on every one of the sales they bring in as well. Click on "Encourage Other individuals" in the remaining side to begin with recommending your friends to FREEZINda™'s affiliate program far too!

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  • Thanks for visiting your referral process dash panel. On this page you'll uncover.
  • Have any questions? Email us at: affiliate@freezinda.com.
  • FREEZINda™ offers a level 2 affiliate plan. In.
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